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Welcome to SGC International-USA

SGC INTERNATIONAL INC. is CSG’s exclusive sales and service agent in USA and Canada, our office and warehouse are located in Los Angeles, California. An outline of the services provided by SGC International includes.

  • Technical review and support for glass energy performance.
  • Technical support for glass strength and application review.
  • Product selection assistance for designers and glass contractor customers.
  • Thorough price quotation: Timely turn around of pricing inclusive of complete listing of products, make-ups and conditions, provided in terms and language familiar to U.S. glass industry. Ensure that all elements are covered to get product from factory direct to customer sites inclusive of Ocean freight, inland freight, insurance, taxes and duties.

Jumbo Size Glass: Catalog Glass Table

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We supply the jumbo size heavy clear and low iron ultra clear glass with the max. size of 144” x 492” (3660mm x 12500mm).

Features: 15''25mm, the max. size 3660mm*12500mm The trim edge online technology:
Easy to cut, easy to temper and bend.


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